Vows altered…..

I hope for your sake you get out of this what you want, I am not really sure what that is at this point and I am guessing it really doesn’t matter. Fourteen years I have been your husband and in less than 2 weeks I will no longer be your husband. You see I find it hard to believe in you anymore, you lied to me about not talking to that fellow in Orlando, Florida and then again you tell me last night you are talking to single guys, is that what you want to be single again, you told me you were doing this for yourself, not to talk to single guys or to change your married status to single on your face book  page, and yet here you are still on face book for the last 3 hours, who are you talking to, why is it so important that you talk to single guys, have you made the online hookup? I think that is it because you are very cold and distant to your husband. I am having anxiety attacks because of this, my skin actually hurts to the touch because of the fear and anxiety that this is causing me. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat but only a few bites and that is once a day, I only drink when I am so thirsty that my throat hurts. I am taking the meds like they wanted me to, but this, this is a whole new territory for me.

I want to be done with this, I don’t want to have to keep apologizing for my past, no one told me hey Dan we are sorry you are fucked in the head, no one told me I am sorry for beating you with that hot iron skillet, no one told me, hey I am sorry I knocked your ass across the room just because you happened to walk by. So I am done apologizing for my past. If I am not the man you want tell me right now, don’t hold back and keep telling me no promises, you think that what you have is emotional pain, well it is and it is something I deal with everyday, did your mind splinter into different personalities to cope with the daily violence and emotional abuse for 14 years, oh wait that is exactly how long we have been married, funny that. I believe that you are hurting but I will gladly take your place and feel what you are feeling instead of what I am feeling again, I am not good enough, I do not meet expectations, I am no good for anything, you keep screwing up and I will make you straighten up. Look at this mess you have created, we could have and should have dealt with this together, but you started talking to single guys before I even left, what kind of wife does that? What does that say about you? Have you said Dan I am sorry for that, no and the way you are acting you never will. I sit here and die every minute I don’t know, every minute you are on face book, every text you get I dread, because I know what is going on. Tell me the truth tell me you don’t love me let me grieve and move on. You do not want me anymore, just like everyone else in my life I have become a burden to you, to be cast aside when things get tough, or they don’t go the right way. I don’t even want you thinking about me anymore, I don’t and didn’t deserve this and the pain and heartbreak and mental anguish that has been caused by me and reciprocated by you, through sickness and health, through good times and bad, I will honor you always.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline


2 Responses to “Vows altered…..”

  1. This is not something I want to get in the middle of, but I am sorry — both of you. This might be insensitive and unnecessary, but I keep a hope for you. I like you both. I want you to be happy, and I’ve seen that neither of you have been for some time.

    If it’s what it takes, then it’s what it takes. I’ve felt that fear before, and the anger. I’ve been in both places (not with my wife), and it’s horrible.

    Either way, I have love for you both. Please be kind to each other, even if it does go the way it seems to be going.


    i have no hook ups…im talking to friends as I always have. Dan this is about the years of lies and cheating….i do not want to go thru this with you again,. my health depends on it. I have held in too much and tried to hard and now i have the effects of it…the things i have pushed way deep have come back on me…years of different things i found out and never told you i knew. I will not rehash these with you. it is only painful for the both of us. I am not doing what you think i am doing….for the last time..i do not know how many times i have to tell you. If you would have changed years ago on the things you were doing…and nothing to do with your illness so do not blame it on that. Just because I am on FB doesnt mean i am talking to someone just like when you called i was asleep and you were asking me why i was on fb. You have NEVER HAD ANY ABUSE FROM ME ONLY LOVE AND BEING FAITHFUL TO A MAN THAT WASNT. YOU WERE THE ONE LEAVING ME AND THE KIDS EVERY TWO YEARS for someone else. Or to play single with your friends…I gave you 14 years of chances. I do love you but my health and life is at stake so I do not think you are being fair at all. Making me out to be the bad one..If that is what you want then fine. Put the scarlet letter on me instead of yourself. I stayed faithful and forgave you and tried everything until what was inside of me couldnt stay anymore. whether you understand this or not…im sorry. I want to live Dan not die…and you have still put more stress on me by all this that you are doing to get my attention. Find a new doc since the other one dropped you because you wouldnt go to him. Get yourself healthy. Please and please dear god stop this madness you keep doing. I feel like you want me to die. I have been way to good to you over the 14 years I worked tried everything took you back way more times than i can count because I loved you. Please I do not deserve this stop the insanity please. You are adding to my pain and anxiety by doing this. I am sorry if you cannot accept that what i have buried and has come back is actually your fault. I just dont understand why someone who went thru so much could do it to someone he supposedly loved. Please just take care of you and meet me in the middle for Dylan. Dont tell me if i call you i have to learn to handle everything. i have been for a lot of years…some things i think should be a father son thing. so be there . Sorry if I have pissed you off that is not my intention but I cannot take this bashing and blaming me and me being the cause when i am not. Please stop. Please Dan. I will always love and care for you. I cannot stay with you anymore. the emotional has turned physical and has almost killed me. I only wish you would stop and understand. I will not unblock you because I cannot handle the paranoia, accusing and blaming…..i havent done anything. Be happy and get well and live and love our son. Love doesn’t always die sometimes it needs the space and sometimes it needs it to end in order to heal and get healthy again. You are the charmer dan you know it. You have posted about it. You will find another good woman….be good to her.

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