Fighting with myself, damn Khayleth…..

Alright I have admitted it I was crazy, I was doing things I didn’t need to be doing but somehow I cannot get it right in my head how she can really go from hugging and kissing on me as we pass in the hall or the kitchen to going to the doctor and then kicking me out. I thought we were supposed to be a family and families work together on their problems, what I did was a long time ago and I am very truly sorry..


Look mate, you fucked around on her, you left her and you lied to her, and it came to a head just like you and your problems….. But I didn’t tell her to leave even on my maddest days….. no but in the past laddie you asked her to leave you even did it in the middle of the night a few times and even woke up the children, youv got ta take responsibility fer this, you did it now you ave to live with it, I don like it anymore than you but you need to try to see her side of things, get yer head outta yer ass and listen up boyo. She loved you and took care of you for the four years while you tried to find a solution to yer problems, she held you when you were scared and when you needed a good cry, she put up with the temper tantrums and the anger bouts, the shouting and yelling and all of the shite that went along wiy that. Now she has asked for some space and time and all you can do is cry in yer fucking milk about I don understand this and I don understand that, fuck it Dan, ya gotta get oer this selfishness….. Look I know I did all those things and more but I LOVE HER and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without her….. Look my friend she does, she doesn’t love….. That’s what I am saying how can she just flip a switch and says she doesn’t love me anymore….. you anymore, now listen I am tryin to tell ya something and you keep popping off at the mouth, she needs time to stretch out her head, look at things and make an informed decision, look at me talking like a big brain, bottom line is this lad, she is hurting all over again, she ad time tom think about what was botherin her and it was all those shitty things ye did in yer past. I aint saying she won’t ever come ta love ye again but you need ta give her some space….. That is all great and fine you only live in my head….. boyo if I could I would slap you in the face…..great now I have made myself angry, look I know she needs her space and I just don’t know how to do that….. Well fer starters quit callin every damn day and let her rest, she is doing too much right now as it is and pushin in the wrong direction….. I don’t think I can do that I don’t see her on face book so I call just to hear her….. but think o this every time yev called her somehow youv pissed her off what with your whining and such, yer a man and she is yer wife fer now, so just let it fucking roll with the tide, can’t get a ship out to sea wit the tide in can ya, same goes wit yer wife she is pushin agin the tide, which is you ye arsehole….. Look enough with the name calling old man….. well how else to ye expect me to git my point across, look again I will tell ye, give her room to breathe she needs it, why the fuck do you think she blocked you on that face book yer obsessing oer the matter at hand if you would ave listened to me in the first place you might be in a different place wit her right now….. I just can’t help it….. Look ifn the shoe were on the other foot don’t you think she would give you yer space….. Ya I guess so….. aint no guessing ya dang fool she would and then some, look give her, her space and wait and see I tell ye she will come around but ifn you don’t give her, her space she will follow through fer sure on the divorce, now what do ya want more a divorce or just letting the woman ave her time….. I would rather let her have her time….. Then do so call her tonight and set boundaries and stick to them, ye wait and see if ole Kayleth aint right about this…..


Tell me what you think.

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