Going for a walk…..

So I went outside today for the first time since I got out of the hospital and walked around the park a little bit. I watched and young lady and her Sheppard dog going through some exercises of the dog jumping over different obstacles it was kind of cool to watch, went for a bit of a more walk about and it is a nice little park, it has an outdoor theatre and a cool place that has columns all in a row with a vine growth for a ceiling. It felt good to be outside if only for a little bit.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline























































































Faces on the column…..

















Side of the house where I live, actually I live in the dorms out back but it is connected to this house…..


2 Responses to “Going for a walk…..”


  2. Not sure why it spread out the photos so much but i hope you enjoy them anyways

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