Life in General…..

You see the problem I am having in finding a decent flat is that you have to make 3 times the amount of the rent, so if the rent is 400.00 I have to make 1200.00 a month in order to even qualify for the flat. This is so discouraging because I am on a fixed income of 731.00 a month so I am stuck living in this boarding house for the foreseeable future.

Quick good note I am registering for school and I have chosen to finish my bachelors degree in information technology, most of my military career gave me extra credits towards it and so did my previous schooling, so it will give me something to do with my time.

On to a subject I don’t know what to do about, I need to pay the taxes and get my tags for my car. Here is the problem I make 731 per month, my rent is 355 per month, my internet and phone is 53.00 per month, so that leaves me with 323, now the taxes for the car are 100 and I am having trouble finding insurance that doesn’t cost over 200 to even start the policy and that is due to having a lapse in coverage. Thing is I will need cash for medications, co-pays and just everyday normal things like toilet paper, chew and odds and ends, so I don’t know what to do.

Also have you ever been rabbit punched or hit in the kidney area of your back, or been tackled in that area, well I hurt in that area and it has me worried, the pain is a mind numbing ache that I have had for over a week. That is worrying me a lot it hurts most on the left side, could be an infection or just sleeping on a lousy bed.

With much love and devotion,

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “Life in General…..”

  1. Can you tell me what I can qualify for???

  2. Considering when I went through the medical review board and they qualified that my mental disabilities were not caused by my military participation that the under laying issues were there before I even joined, they refused to give me any kind of military support. I am in the appeal process right now. So I have to wait in the mean time I can only get civilian support, of which there are no programs for single men without dependant children, and I am in the States.

  3. You live in the US right? If so, you should be getting $ from the VA every month which would be more than enough to pay for everything. If the money you’re getting now is from the VA, you qualify for more due to mental health problems, if it comes back to PTSD you’re covered for life. So make sure it comes back to PTSD. You’d have to apply and that will take a long time but the sooner you apply the better. There are people there who can basically do it for you. I believe you can do it online too. Next, if you live near a VA or can get near one, they have a lot of assistance. You can get all your medical there without co pays. They have programs to help you get on your feet. If the VA for some reason isn’t an option, there are other programs out there made for people like you. Is the $731 from SSD? You’re in an income bracket that qualifies you for a lot of things, most of which you can do online.

    If you’re not in the US, I can’t remember, I’m sure there have to be similar programs where you are. I know it’s hard to think clearly with this immense amount of stress, but kick in to fight mode. You can crash later! 🙂 Not crashing at all would be good… but #1 focus, I know it’s hard, but get this stuff started. You’ve fought before and you’re going to fight again.

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