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The headsman’s blade…..

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I hear the descent of the blade knowing it is the final moments of my life, aren’t the events that happen to you in your life supposed to be replayed in your mind as impending death comes. I can feel the splinters of the block where countless others have lost their life scratching into my neck. It feels like an eternity as the headsman’s blades comes down. I know I am about to die but in truth it really doesn’t matter, I feel nothing, not even the peace that death will bring. Why doesn’t it happen, where is the killing stroke, the waiting is killing me faster than the swift blade of death I know is coming…..

Words to live by…..

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It ain’t about the man, it’s about a principle, about how far that man will go to do what is right…..

Love, it is the lie we all live…..

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Pain racks my body, shuddering, living emotional pain,

Love is the reason; life is the answer, but never for love again,

I walked through my life with blinders on seeing only what I wanted to see, you,

I gave what I could give you, everything,

I returned what I thought you needed, love,

It was all a lie, a fabrication of my mind, I understand now, but never again,

I will never allow my heart to be free to love again, irreconcilable differences,

I feel it to my very core the pain you have created, love,