Edge to me…..

Is it over, is it really over,

Have you found the man you have always been looking for?

How can you find the man you have been looking for when I have been here the whole time?

I know who you are, I know what you want, and I know what pleases you,

Oh internet man, should I wonder who you are, no see you are the get back, the sting and the hurt caused,

You won’t call, you won’t text me, you won’t tell me the things that you really want to tell me,

Is it really over, is it really over,

Me I have changed, and that is known, I am different and that is known,

I am also the same, will I fight for what I believe is rightfully mine, yes

Will I fight to keep the one thing that holds me together, yes

I want it made fully clear, I am not giving up, not now, not ever no matter what is told to me you see forever will I carry the torch of love and life that is still mine

Tell me all you want that it is over, I have no belief in that, I know what you hold in your heart is anger and resentment, but this too can be forgiven, I can be forgiven,

Keep telling me I am wrong, keep telling me that forever, I will always be there in your mind I created the love in you, I gave you the courage that you have so greatly displayed over the last several years, I gave you the ability to be the best person you can be,

Remember when we met, you were scared and I was there to tell you to be strong, just for me being there you stood up for what you believed in and defended yourself like you hadn’t before, I did that, not anyone else, me your husband.

Will I admit to making mistakes, well I already have. Will you admit to making mistakes, no you won’t? So dig the knife deeper, make the hurt worse, keep plunging the pain into me over and over again till it runs out of you like the blood from my veins, I will still be right there, standing strong waiting for you to finish, let it out, let it all come out,

You see I still believe in me and you, I still believe in our love and I still believe that our marriage can be saved and shared for the rest of our lives; can anyone else really say what I have said? No they can’t they can make vague promises, promises of things that have already been given to you, things that even to this day I still give you, because you have to remember that without me you would not be the brave commanding person you are right now.

Let your internet man tell you things that you want to hear, but that is what it is things that he knows you want to hear. I won’t tell you things you want to hear, I will and have lived them, edge to me.


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