Anger returned…..

To say that the other shoe has finally fallen would be the truth; I have returned, this angry man, this man full of hate and righteous indignation. I have been forced to become this man again due to what has happened over the last several days, I no longer will ever be nice again, no compliance, no agreement. You see I have been deceived by one who is close to me or was close to me, you know who you are. From this day forth my life will directed at destruction not only of myself but of this person who deceived me. You lied to me, you told me half truths, you went behind my back and did terrible things, you deserve my wrath, and you deserve my scorn, my hate. I will tell all of you and your little tryst with this man who you say you know better than me, fourteen years and you know him better than you know me, I say no. you know what I am capable of, you know what I can do, I hold no fear of any man, but you I am scared to death of. I wrote long words of love for you, I wept for you, I despaired of you, and yet you lied to me and went to another, you tell me you can never love me like you once had, you don’t want to, you didn’t even try to tell me long ago so that perhaps we could have saved the one thing that meant more to me in my life than my own sons life. I tried to do the right thing and you made me feel that I was, you never changed until that fateful day and even on that fateful day you left, kissed me and told me that you loved me. Now look what you have done. I end this with this, until I get what I want from your cheating friend, I will promise you I will make things worse on you. You know I did a background check and you know what I found and you know that he isn’t what he seems to be, you don’t know him at all, give the apology, get your head straight or I will publish all the horrid little details that I have found, and I will add a few of my own that I have gleamed from you. I will tell all, and I will keep telling till one thing or another breaks. You will never get a direct threat from me, I will never threaten him as he has done me, but I will call him to account for this misdeed and I will have my apology one way or another, our paths will cross.

With great regret and sorrow,

William Daniel Kline


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