A walk into the darkness that is my mind…..

walking in the mind, waiting in the dark, i can smell your fear.....

walking in the mind, waiting in the dark, i can smell your fear…..

I have your scent, the smell of your fear; I can hear your breathing short, shallow and full of fear. You cannot see me, you cannot hear me and yet I follow, I follow closely. I am the shadows in your life, I am everything that you fear and more, you cannot defeat me you can never win. I am the smoke in the darkness that is unidentifiable to you, wondering if what you really see is true, it is. I am the fear in the dark when you wake suddenly and wonder just for a moment if you are awake or still asleep. I am in your dreams where you are running and running and yet you can never seem to get away from what it is you are running from, it is me, can you tell it is me, can you see it is me, every fiber of your being screams that it cannot be true and yet I am the darkness brought into your life. Shadow, fear, sudden movements out of the corner of your eye. You think you see but you really can’t tell can you, is it me or is it really a shadow stepping from the doorways in your life?

I have a smell to me ask, and it will be described to you in detail, the one knows it and still smells it now, can you smell it in the air around you, does it clog your nostrils, clog in the back of your throat? What do you do you scream in your head, how do I escape, can I escape what it is that I fear the most. You lied, you threatened, and you attacked verbally. Now it is my turn, my turn to put you back in your place. I smell you, you bringer of lies and half truths, you user of things that you have no understanding of, you brought things to the table that can never be taken off. I smell you liar, you smell and stink of the fear of me, you tremble of the very thought that I am right there, right beside you at the turn in the road. Next to you in the store where you shop, I am the person who holds the door for you as you enter the gas station for your coffee. See the pattern? See the fear that this brings out in you? I have you, I have always had you from the first moment, you see you provided the wrong information, you used another’s name, I have talked with them and they are not happy to be involved with this, you were so wrong about that. I went to where they are they don’t know me but they know you now and not from before.

You see I see you a half of man, a stranger in a strange place. I am revenge, I am strength and I am right, you see I have what you want it is mine and will always be mine, I was there before you and all you will ever taste on her lips is me, strange but true, when you lay with her you have to wonder is it really me that she is thinking of, would she rather it be me, in her mind is she really calling my name, I don’t have to wonder I already know. But you see this is all a story of fiction it can’t really be true can it, because you have only seen me in pictures, you know of me very little. But you see I know all about you, the things in your past that others deny, don’t want to believe, but I know you coward, liar, and user of women.

To all this is a work of fiction this story belongs to no one I know, you see these people don’t exist in the real world they are only in my mind, you should see what I can do with my mind, and it is not very nice. This is all fantasy. It is a very intriguing fantasy one I have made for myself. It comes with the territory of my mind, vast, large and imposing and full of changes and ideas that never seem to cease. I smell you and it is the smell of fear and defeat.

With much thanks and gratitude,

Dan Kline


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