Will you listen?????


I know the color of your hair, the shine, the sheen of that most wonderful color,

The glow of your skin, the paleness, the creamy white softness of it,

I know the way you make me feel when I am around you, tight, twisted and spun out of control,

The excitement you bring out in me with just the touch of your hand, I long to feel it over and over again,

The way I felt when you told me goodbye and when you leaned towards me, wanting to kiss you knowing that you wanted me to kiss you, but we can’t, perhaps it is not the right time,

Patience, the time will come for me to taste your sweet lips again, to hold you in my arms, to feel that I am wanted, needed and desired,

I know things are crazy right now, I know that things need to be figured out,

Patience that is the key, something I can and will do just for you,

I have waited a long, very long time for just this chance to see you, to talk to you, to make you smile and laugh,

You play down my compliments, the way that I admire you, the sweet things I tell you. I know you hear me; I know you are listening to me.

I hear the shallow way you breath when I do these things, you don’t believe the things I say but I do, I could tell you a thousand times how wonderful I think you are, just how beautiful I think you are, just how I feel about you,

I will tell you over and over till you believe these things for yourself,

You are wonderful, you are special, you are beautiful and if I only get to tell you these things once I want you to believe that I am right.


Tell me what you think.

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