Telling the truth, some background…..

My father was a very intelligent man he had several degrees and 2 masters one in mechanical engineering and one in electrical engineering, and several minor degrees as well and I will tell you a little about Richards past just so you know of his training. He was first in the Navy and trained as a Navy Seal and spent several years doing God knows what, he was then trained by the Marines in Scout Recon, now according to documents I have personally seen this is all true and factual, he was also gone for several months even up to a year training for something that was blacked out of his official military record all it would say was civilian liaison so I have no idea what he did and no one will tell me, I know he was probably not what he seemed to be on paper, he spent copious amounts of time outside of the United States, now doing what well we will never know, now why am I telling you all of this, well it explains a bit of what type of person Richard really is, now can we ever really know if any of it is true, well I know it is true I saw some or most of the documentation or maybe I didn’t, hell this post may even be deleted just for me mentioning any of this to you or it could be left alone and played off as the ramblings of a man whose head is not quite right we will find out. But it should put into perspective the mind of the man I knew as Richard Kline my father. I cannot tell you how or where I got my information from but to those of you who know the military you will understand, the first hint I got was during my interview for my security clearance for my MOS (25U) from the Army. If we look at just the evidence that I have provided here we know several things, first he was skilled in the ways of fighting on or in several different terrains and conditions, we know he was very well trained in the arts of weaponry, hand to hand fighting and he was good at not being seen and moving from place to place in full concealment, no he was not a sniper but the recon training would be of great value to a person who needed this skill. We also know he spent some time training with a civilian institution but we don’t know which or what that training consisted of, we can only speculate and we cannot ask because he is dead, and no the government will not tell me. Once again why am I telling you this, it is just background, only background. You see I think all of these things and the subsequent missions he was deployed on and where he was deployed tells a story, now you wonder what he was doing in the Coast Guard right, its only job is to protect the US coast and to take care of drugs and people in distress on the waters right, you would be very correct in your assumption, but look at some of the places we or he has been deployed, I won’t give you the full list but I will give you dates and places in a short list. Late 1960 he was deployed in Manila, Philippines, Spain in the early 1970s, early 1980s Puerto Rico, now once again this is a very short list and really doesn’t include the various stations we were deployed to in the United States to include California, North Carolina, Washington State, Alaska and some in the middle of the States including Minnesota. Now I cannot tell you what was done at each of these places nor can I tell you about deployments before I was born and I cannot tell you about places he deployed while in the Navy, but to some of you, you will recognize the areas and the dates very well and put 2 and 2 together and figure out what conflicts or what areas of conflict were close to some of these bases. And maybe why it was important that they needed the type of man there like my father.

I think that what my father did for and in the military caused him to become the man he was and it caused him to become what I will call off center or quite rightly out of his fucking mind. Oh and what a mind this man had, he was 10 steps ahead of everyone else he already knew what could possibly happen and had different ways of handling the 10 different things that could or would happen, even up till his last day on this earth he was 10 steps ahead of everyone else. Fuck most of the time he knew what you were going to do before you even knew what you were going to do.


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