Telling the truth…..

I have sat and pondered over how to tell my story here and to into some kind if timeline is all but impossible, my mind doesn’t work that way. Should I just write about the first thing that pops into my mind, no because that would just make me seem like I was babbling. So I will try to narrow it down to an exact episode and try to write about that.

I will tell you a secret about my mother I think, yes that will do. When I was around 8 or 9 we were stationed in Puerto Rice on the opposite coast from San Juan near Cobarojo Bay at the Coast Guard base there. My father was engaged in the process of working with the Navy on a project called LCAC




HH-65 Dolphin

bacislly it is an extremely large hover craft that can hold vehicles and troops and can land them just about anywhere on any type of terrain from the ocean or any other large body of water. Well during this time my mother just happened to be cheating on my father with his second in command John now I don’t remember John last name but I do remember she was not discreet about it she actually had him at the house on several occasions. Yes my father eventually found out and yes he tried to kill the man but this is about me and my brothers you see. One day John was at the house and they were sitting on the front porch, brazen right, everybody in the neighborhood could see them, well I need to add a fact here our house had 2 stories and around that second story was a 2 foot ledge that ran all the way around the house and off of the master bedroom was a balcony, so we being the three little Indians that we were, were snooping on them and seeing what they were doing and causing mischief as well. You see the tree in our front yard had these seed pods and well from time to time we would just pick on up and drop it right on the sidewalk in front of them, sounds silly right? But it was our way of letting her know we knew what was going on and that we didn’t like what she was doing because it led to punishment for us and for her. As a matter of fact that was the third time that I got my arm broke by the man after an intense session of thirty questions and when he asked me directly if I saw John and my mother talking or I actually think the question was what did I see my mother and John doing, well me being the youngest and because my brothers protected me quite a bit back then I didn’t really see what they were doing, they (my brothers) did, it was my job to get them the seed pods to drop on the ground. Needless to say he didn’t believe me and when he grabbed my arm in anger and twisted, well it popped right above my left elbow. I don’t have and have never had weak bones but I was still growing and it wasn’t hard to actually break the bone, I told the emergency room doctor that I had fallen off my bike. That night my father’s commanding officer came to the house and nothing was done to him except to tell him that he needed to keep his family in line. So you see even if we tried and we did, to tell anyone about what was happening it didn’t matter, they didn’t care and at the base it was all kept quiet and because Puerto Rico wasn’t a part of the States back then there was no local law enforcement. So you see I was only a patsy in this instance but that didn’t matter. Well onto what happened to John, my father went on to reassign John to chopper maintenance and one day while John was inspecting the rotor blade mounts on the new HH-65 Dolphin he was on a very tall ladder, well Richard walked up to the ladder and pushed it out from underneath him and he fell 15 feet to the floor and broke his leg and my father proceeded to beat the shit out of him, he ended up spending 3 weeks in the infirmary for various contusions and broken bones. It was all played off as insubordination and John was transferred to another base directly after he was well. To say that this doesn’t happen still in the military would be a lie; it does and will for as long as we need people like Richard.


2 Responses to “Telling the truth…..”

  1. Every time we tell our truths, even when we have to keep telling Kong beyond the time it happened, it counts.

    I’m glad you wrote this post.

  2. People don’t listen to kids, to that I’ll agree. They would rather look the other way and pretend that abuse and neglect don’t happen… and then they wonder what’s wrong with people when they flip out.

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