Looking at myself…..


Looking over my body…..

I stand looking over my own body, I feel no fear I know no remorse, finally a sense of peace. It is not as bad as I thought, I am relieved I haven’t made much of a mess, there was not a whole lot of blood, I figured there would be more, I guess not. There are others here some I know others in uniform I don’t, they don’t matter now, none of them matter anymore. I am free now, free from all the things that held me in this life. I know no more pain, fear and anger. I feel peace, I know peace, I am at peace. No more tears for me, I don’t deserve them…..

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


3 Responses to “Looking at myself…..”

  1. Thank You Dan…with all my heart… Shannon

  2. Keep writing Dan … we are here and do care.

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