Seeing for the first time…..


I can see for the first time things I have not before, I see the truth of it all, from the extraordinary to the mundane, I have lived all my life in a way that would have ordinary people hiding in a corner holding themselves in uncontrollable terror and fear, its grip holding them tightly never letting go, to be able to tell you what I have seen in my life would be a book of many horrors and yet I still am, I still am, am I a person that is like others, I fear not, and yet if you met me on the street you would not even give me a glance, do I hide, no for I would have you know me, I would take you into my mind and let you see, perhaps you will understand me, better than I understand me, perhaps it is me that is the one sitting in the corner holding myself in uncontrollable terror and fear and all of you are just in my imagination, could it be so…..

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


One Response to “Seeing for the first time…..”

  1. Your a great Dad and that child needs and deserves you in his life. He doesn’t have to live the nightmare you did because you will be there for him. Dan I have to sign off and go home but I will sign on again there. Please hang in here and give it a chance to work out.
    God Bless you and keep you,

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