Does it really make a difference…..


You know everyone wonders why I am the way I am, well no one remembers the things I have been through in my life and just how they have affected me in many different ways. To say it is one thing in particular would be for me to deny my entire past, and I would have to not include my present also. Look at the different things in the post about reeducation that I just put out there, 90% of the symptoms are in my medical profile it reads like a fucking novel. So if you wonder why I am angry, I will tell you, again I have been left, I have been accused of things that I didn’t do, I have been verbally attacked and physically threatened. I have told every one of you about the things I did that caused my subsequent separation from my wife of 14 years so I don’t have to mention any of that again. But the emotional strain of this happening has taken its toll on me on a deep personal level. My son, what can I say about him, he is the shining light of my life and there is a story there to be told I just don’t know if I can tell it, it is still fresh and raw in my mind. But even though I did what I thought was right for him, I am to blame for everything, and it is all my fault. No it isn’t, I am only to blame for the things I actually did and not anything more. It is shameful because I am not able to control some of the things I do or say. But it is not like I don’t it on purpose, it is like an automated response to the fear, anger, hate and love I feel, I don’t know until about some of the things I have done for hours or even sometimes days after the fact and yet I am to blame because it is me in the end, it is Dan that is responsible for Dan not Khayleth, Serena, Anger or even the little boy in the back of my mind it is Dan as a whole. But if you know me you understand what I am, I am not whole I am splintered into several different aspects that react to different situations that are happening in my life.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


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