A moment in time, frozen…..


It is funny a friend of mine is getting married soon and it brought up the memory of my asking Gerri to marry me. From the beginning of our relationship we told each other that we would never get married again we both had been hurt enough by marriage, we told each other that for a long time. But then I was walking through the mall with Ramon and we just walked into Leroy’s Jewelry Store and I saw it, I saw the most beautiful princess cut aqua marine in a simple gold setting and I knew right then and there that I was going to ask her to marry me, it was the best decision I had made and I bought that beautiful gemstone with the hopes that she would say yes. Well it was time to connive so I called Mary Susan and told her to get Gerri up to the O’Charleys on Outer Loop as soon as possible, well me and Ramon got there first and for some reason Gerri had thought I had bought a riding lawn mower and was not happy about that. While we waited I informed the manager that I was going to propose to my girlfriend right there in the bar and the next thing I knew we had free beer and a lot of them, I was more nervous than, well than I have ever been in my life because we both had said we weren’t going to ever get married again and I was hoping like hell she said yes, so it took them awhile to get there and well I had just the right amount of lubrication and was prepared to change the rest of my life, then she walked through the door and into the bar, I was sweating bullets by then just knowing I would get turned down right in the middle of the bar, as she walked up to me she asked what did I do, so I moved to the next bar stool and she sat down and the whole bar was quiet and everyone in the entire bar was watching. I didn’t say a word and I got up off the stool and got down on one knee and said I love you Gerri Kaye will you marry me, quiet solid as a rock silence and I could see in her eyes the glimmer off a tear and she looked down at me and I swear I was going to die at that point and probably could have because of the look in her eyes, they were so clear and blue and I saw in them what I wanted to see acceptance, she softly said to me yes I will marry you. The whole bar erupted in cheers and the beer really flowed after that, it was the sweetest, passionate, beautiful kiss I have ever had in my life when she kissed me. I remember that moment every day of my life, while I was laying on the operating table in a drug induced coma all I could think about was her, when I was in a closet 3000 miles away from her getting ready to deploy to Iraq all I could do is think of her, when I was in the hospital trying to get myself better I thought of her and in that thought the rest of my life played out before me and ended with me dying with her right there next to me. If any in this universe or the one after ever doubts that I love this woman more than my own life then may they take that life from me. Even as I lay there in agonizing pain and unable to move my arms today and with my knee bandaged tightly and swollen to the size of a grapefruit I know I love this woman. That is what I am writing this for, for the love that I feel for this woman. I am not writing this because it is ending I am writing this so that I do not forget what love is and why I was so blessed to have it with her. I was a pill piñata for a long time and I was very, well unstable for a long time, and as I lay in my room going through withdrawals I thought of this woman and that I knew what love was, it will never be taken from me ever, not even with her telling me to leave. I still love this woman…..

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


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