I just had to share this with one and all…..

What can I say to you that will change anything at all, well nothing but you know me I am still going to say a few things.

I was there the day Dylan was born and you died in the operating room and when you came back the first thing you said was were is my baby and after getting him in your arms the very next thing you said was to me and you told me you loved me with all of your heart.
I was there when you nearly died twice with your current illness and each time i was there to make you smile to make you feel better and to hold your hand and each and every time you told me the same thing I love you with all my heart. I was there for yo every day helping you get up, helping you walk to where ever you need to go in the house, I was there and did things that only a person that loved you as much as i did would do, some not so pleasant others only because I loved you, i lay awake every night and listened to you in case you needed me for anything at all, even when your mask slipped off i was right in there putting it back on in the right position, even when you quit snoring i was right there looking and listening to see if you were OK. I didn’t have to do ant of these things but i did, i did them out of love, i rubbed your back with medication hell i even rubbed your front when it was sore, i even did these things when i was going through my own problems.
lets move on to the past, i was always showing you my love for you in the way i looked at you, the small touches as i walked by you in any room, i remember when i was deployed and i came back, that was the best tasting wine i have ever had as it rolled off your body into my mouth. i could sit across a crowded room and just give you a look and you knew that i loved you. you wonder why i am telling you these things well it is because no matter the damage that has been done i am still in love with you. you really want to know the one thing i miss the most, well it was the way your ass would shiver when you had an orgasm, it was the most incredible thing i have ever had happen to me in my life. I thought about sending this to Pete and i still might but i don’t care if he knows any of this, i would share it with the world if i knew it would make a difference, but it will not you wont answer or even  give two shits about what i have said but i wonder if i shouldn’t just send this to Pete and let him know how much I truly love you, this will be the last time. after this you get your wish, when i get the papers in the mail i will sign them and let you go with a heavy heart only because I never want to hurt you again, and here is the funny thing you will read this whole email and the only thing you will respond to is the part about the papers. in my heart and soul i will never let you go. but on paper and physically I will let you go. I want nothing more in this world than for you to say I love you Dan Kline, i don’t want to move back with you, i don’t want any other thing than for that to happen one more time. I am thinking of posting this on face book just to let the world know how much i love you and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I think i just might share this with the world.



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