Cloudy with a strong chance of worry…..

I am an alter talking, this may upset others systems.....

I am an alter talking, this may upset others systems…..

I worry, I worry over the physical pain that Dan is enduring, not just from his injured knee but from whatever it is that is wrong with his shoulders and his neck at the joining of the spine and the base of the skull. I am keeping him in a sleep state; I wonder if you will understand what I am saying? To put into better terms Dan is asleep right now so that his body can relax and perhaps ease the pain that has been growing in his shoulders and knee, he is fine and off with Khayleth on a wonderful adventure, so it is up to me right now to deal with things going on in the outside world. I am just a bit worried about the intensity of the pain he is handling and how it may affect his, well his psyche. I have no one else to help me but Khayleth and as you know what Dan feels we feel also, so I am not even sure how I am dealing with it, he just keeps shrugging it away, trying to ignore it but it is getting to him none the less, I am also worried over the little boy in Dan and how he is handling this too. But he will not even speak to me, and Khayleth tries ever so hard to get him to talk but to no avail, he won’t do it, he just sits there and looks at you with those big blue eyes. So please understand if Dan is not his normal self, well there might be a joke in there if you word it right, too bad Russel Schmidt wasn’t here he would know just the right way to make that joke, I on the other hand am clueless as far as humor is concerned. Look at me I am not one to babble, perhaps I will end this, for the ones who know me I am worried.

I will always do the right thing for me (Dan),



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