Small things…..

Did you keep them I have to wonder, did you keep those small innocent gifts meant only to make you feel better. There was no ulterior motive with those small tokens, no hints at things that are not wanted by you, nor were they to confuse you or to set you off balance, they were simply given with the intent to make you feel better and given knowing that you were not feeling well. It was such a small thing to do and I hope that you received them as they were intended, but I fear that they may have angered you and I could see you ripping and tearing and smashing them to pieces instead of accepting them for what they were. Just things, small innocuous things of little or no consequence, given with only the thought and hope that they made you feel better. Perhaps next time it would be better to just accept my offer as it was intended, and not to concern yourself with whether I had nefarious reasons for giving the invitation.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline

Is it possible that I might have put the thought in his mind, to allow him to give you a kindness a way to tell you he is troubled by the fact that he knew you were not feeling as well as you should be, do you think that given what he knows and how you feel for him that he would have the bravery to achieve this on his own. I did give him a push in the right direction, I did what I thought was right for the situation and he is right he will continue to tell his stories of his love not for any other reason than he doesn’t want to forget, so do what you will with these items of subsequent nothingness for it isn’t the item given it is the giving of the item that counts the most.



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