I should have known better…..

dumbass1I should have known better, I really should have, I tried to do something nice for Gerri Kaye yesterday, I asked her to go have lunch with me to celebrate a successful interview with a local Architectural company, all I wanted was lunch nothing more, nothing read into it. Well ok she didn’t reply and I told her I had a doctor’s appointment after that, so on my way home I saw that she had emailed me and that Dylan had an appointment for the doctor so I emailed her back and told her about my injury and she politely declined my lunch offer and said that it would be wrong of her to go with me because of Peter her friend I told her that she shouldn’t read anything into it and it was just lunch, so she again declined, I told her then that I would just bring her lunch at the house and I would leave, I asked her if she was ok and that was when she told me about her fibromyalgia acting up. Well that is a bitch, so off the top of my head I decided to get her flowers and a pillow pet they were white roses that meant friendship and the pillow pet was soft and squishy I figured it was going to be a nice gesture on my part. Man was I wrong, now she and I are separated she is seeing another man while still married to me, I am not seeing anyone until I have divorce papers in my hand, so technically she is cheating and she had better be glad we live in a no fault state because I could file against her for adultery right now. Ok so she told me she gave the flowers away to a family friend who was sick also, I am ok with that they were just flowers, so I told her that I would just replace her flowers today, she told me not to buy flowers in Valentine’s Day they were expensive, ok I won’t. Now this is where I allow myself a bit of anger, her fucking backwards ass cowardly criminal of a friend messaged me on face book and well it wasn’t good to wake up to that first thing this morning and it led to a verbal conflict between the two of us ending in him telling me to meet him at the park near my home, I said done and done and got in the car and went to the park. He didn’t show up, I knew he wouldn’t because he hides his threats behind the computer and will not back up his cowardly threats, now the reason he decided to tell me to meet him in the park was because I am unwilling to fight in my mother in laws front yard, it is not something that she really needs to be involved in, so when he said meet me at the park I hobbled my happy white ass out to the car and went to the fucking park, I have video proof of it that I will add to this post. He didn’t show up and well Gerri Kaye emailed me all pissed off that all I was doing was making trouble and she was going to block my email and that I would have to go through mom if I needed anything, so at this point I have to ask what is it about this Pete fuck that so holds Geris attention, well it is because, well I don’t know why I will add a link to this persons arrest shot from the local television station, http://www.whas11.com/news/crimetracker/Police-charge-man-who-allegedly-stole-thousands-of-dollars-worth-of-guitars-from-shop-133886403.html

Now I am the really bad guy, I am the asshole, I did nothing for Gerri the whole time we were married, bullshit she knows it and I know it, I am the bad guy for treating her like shit everyday of our marriage and taking her for granted, bullshit she knows it and I know it. I never bought her flowers or gifts of any kind, bullshit she knows and I know it why this Pete guy. In the end I still have not threatened violence on this man nor will I stupid is as stupid does, I will however react to the physical threats with swift retribution. I also do not see that what I have done in the last 24 hours as something wrong, as something heinous or nefarious except for calling Pete a backwards ass inbred ignorant asshole that is the worst thing I have done, but wait I did tell my wife to fuck off after the scathing email she sent me and I did tell her that both her and Pete could fuck off and die. Ok now that is really the only thing I have done wrong in the last 24 hours.


With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


One Response to “I should have known better…..”

  1. Well I would have given video proof but I dont have the money for the upgrade.

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