Marlene Clark…..

Marlene, I know that you do not care for me as a person, and I think that goes back even as far as the day you met me, I do understand. I have only respected a few people in my life and you are at the top of that list, never would I nor will I ever refuse you anything. You have strength of character and a strong will and a drive that few from my generation or the ones to come in the future will ever have. It is because of you that my son is well and taken care of. If not for you we would have failed many times over, you helped when my own family would not and didn’t care one way or the other, perhaps I would be a much different man if my mother had been a lot more like you. If only I had half as much drive and will power as you I would be a different man. I am only saying these words in respect and as before I know my words will fall on deaf ears and will more than likely be turned and twisted back against me so that this will turn into something much different as what it is intended to be, the truth. I will never speak ill of you, always in my mind I know that I should be more like you and I do mean that as a compliment not a slight towards you. I will tell you that I am sorry for the drama and problems I have caused you in the past, you did not and do not deserve for any of this to be anywhere around you. I will stop, I will stop right now. I should have stopped long before this.

With much gratitude and respect,

Dan Kline


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