Looks like I will get to walk in the grey before long…..

And it only gets better and better, see I have been having problems with my shoulders and neck and I have been to the doctor, well he called and asked me to come see him today and well 2 weeks ago he drew blood and my white cell count was three times the normal amount so he sent it out for future testing and the results came back, I have a spinal cord infection.

Pyogenic (bacterial) meningitis consists of inflammation of the meninges and the underlying subarachnoid CSF. If not treated, bacterial meningitis may lead to lifelong debility or death. The disease was uniformly fatal before the antimicrobial era, but with the advent of antimicrobial therapy, the overall mortality rate from bacterial meningitis has decreased. Nonetheless, it remains alarmingly high, being approximately 25%

I had this when I was a baby and for some reason unknown so far it has come back, I get to go see yet another specialist besides the bone specialist next month and I have to have epidural antibiotics starting today and oral antibiotics, while yes this is dangerous and he did tell me that it has been active for a bit, you see I hadn’t seen my Doctor for 3 months before this last first visit and they didn’t draw blood then so he doesn’t know if or how long this has been going on. Makes me very happy, I won’t know until I get several rounds of medicine if this is going to be a problem, i.e. death or will affect my motor skills or not, but I was asked if I have a living will and who has it since I don’t.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


4 Responses to “Looks like I will get to walk in the grey before long…..”

  1. I too have found myself embracing the idea that this life may finally end saving me from my own intervention to bring it about, but truly Dan there is a sunrise after the darkest hours and it is wonderful to behold. My prayers are with you. God Bless you and keep you. with love, Shannon

  2. When they did a spinal tap I knew that his could not be good, hell even having the spinal tap was dangerous in and of itsself

  3. Very sorry to hear this Dan. I’ve recently had medical issues also. I found the uncertainty was very tough to bear. The living will question would not be making me feel better either. It may just be a routine inquiry though. Hopefully the meds will work. take care

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