Just a beginning…..


As I pass through the woods I hear not a sound of nature only the swift shallow sound of my own breathe, sweats soaks through my rumpled and travel stain clothing, long tanned light brown trousers, tucked into knee high brown sturdy boots, homespun white shirt covered by a long darker brown vest, my green cloak flows behind me and slightly to the right blowing in the slight breeze whispering through the tall trees around me. I must return to where it started to that point in my life when I began. To the place I began, funny is it the place where I began? Perhaps I can set things right or maybe end it once and for all. I run my hand through my tousled blonde hair sending my fingers the entire length to pull the snags from my hair. If only that day would have been different, if only I had chosen a different path then, would I still be in the same place as I am now. Who knows, not me nor the God or Goddess, they haven’t given me a sign as to what end I shall meet. Thinking this as I force myself to walk faster down the path I have chosen to return to the place of that fateful day, my right hand traces the falcon engraved on the pommel of my long sword, the head pointing to the tip of the sword, the wings the cross guard and the tail the pommel. How long have I carried this miserable sword, I can’t even remember where I acquired this thrice damned thing it has been a blessing and curse at the same time, I have been saved by this sword its shining length with swirling colors of many different hues and shades, I have killed with the same blade.

Time, time is all I have left, if only I could have seen back then that the choices I had made would end with me on this path of either salvation or self destruction. I have wandered this kingdom back and forth with the same question on my mind, but now forces are pulling at me, pushing me back to the start, the very place I am now headed. But what will I find? Once again I don’t think I am meant to know until I get there. I know the Gods are watching, waiting for me to get to this place I began, for this is truly the place where I began, from that point back I can remember nothing. Try as I may I cannot remember anything but that I started right there, who was I before, what is my past, these and many more questions I hope to have answered when I return to this place. To be honest I don’t exactly know where this place is, but I know I am headed in the right direction, I know it as sure as the blood pumping from my heart, as sure as the migration pattern of ducks and geese.

The woods end in a spray of yellow sunshine casting its rays upon a clearing in the forest, a clearing filled with the tittles and laughter of small children, but I see nothing with my own eyes, do my ears deceive me? Am I so lost in my own plight that I cannot see the children laughing that I so easily hear. I see flowers in full bloom reds, yellows, blues and violets, I see little seed pods blowing in the breeze I see the green of the grass so different from the browns, grays and black of the forest trail I have left behind. But I still see no children at play. I step out into the clearing and the laughter stops as if I didn’t hear it in the first place, tentatively I take another step into the clearing, it is only three hundred yards across to the path I am to take back into the woods again. Looking round I see no evidence of people anywhere, no other paths lead into nor away from this clearing but the one I am travelling. I stride purposefully into the middle of the clearing calling out to the children I heard just moments before telling them I will not harm them I am just a simple traveler going back to the place I came from. I stand there letting the sunshine soak into my body listening to every sound I can, but there is no sound, no more of the laughter I just heard. Perhaps I imagined the whole thing; perhaps I am so involved with my own plight that I made it up just to distract myself from my own meanderings in my mind.

A small dot of light shoots up from a bunch of bluebells I think they are bluebells, not more than five feet in front of me, the ball of light hangs there still and well I have to say odd, is this an illusion, is it real? It is both a voice inside my head says, I am both real and imagined. Turning quickly towards the way I came I search the tree line for the destination of that voice, no I am right here in front of you the voice says in my head. Great now I am talking to myself, but the voice is very different than my own it sounds older, more full of life knowledge than my own and just a shade deeper than my own voice, that is because you are not going insane, now if you will quit staring at the trees ad face me you will see me fully. I turn round only to see that it is a man before and no longer a small dot of light, no I am not a man I allow you to see me as a human instead of my own form to make you feel more comfortable speaking with me, does my appearance not set your mind at ease, well not really before you were a man you were a ball of light.


Well so far that is all I have people but it seems a story in the making, if not in the ending then perhaps in the beginning.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


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