It could just be random…..

I know I write about a lot of various bullshit and have made some decent attempts at stories and poems, I have done better with the poems than the stories, but I will still keep writing the things that come to me as they come to me such as this post right now. I don’t want to talk about my apparent disabilities or my failed marriage, hell I don’t even want to talk about me. So why am I posting, well I don’t know sometimes you just have to let random thoughts and visions out in some sort of forum so what better than this, the fact is I am writing just to write, nothing hidden, nothing to reveal I am just typing as the words move from my brain to my fingers and then to you. Today has been the first pretty day in the several weeks 50 degrees and sunny, it was actually beautiful. It was just another ordinary day for me and well it will defiantly not go down in the greatest days of days but I did not think of killing myself, nor did I once think of my estranged wife, well I didn’t think of killing myself until I wrote it, but it won’t happen. I am listening to Adele if you could not tell from my prior post, I have to say that personally I think she has a marvelous voice, yes me listening to Adele the man who is still stuck in the 80’s hair bands, it seems my tastes are starting to vary I think I will listen to Joss Stone next. So what is it that I have going on that I have been pointed towards this device, my choice of outlets for all things in my life, I wonder if I keep typing if some miraculous discovery will be made, probably not but what the hell I will keep writing. Do you ever feel as if you have lost something, and knew you had it but forgot where you put it? Almost found it again but I seemed to have miss placed it again. Wait what was it that I was actually looking for? Ah what the hell I am going to go I need to just find what it seems I have lost…..

With much gratitude and love,

Dan Kline


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