A point expressed but lost in translation…..


All of my life I have walked a narrow edge between right and wrong, I know you have all heard me preach this before, but it is because of what happened on Saturday night that I am telling this again, you see in those moments between realizing that my death will end at the finality of this ride and from the actual moment of impact I knew I was right, I won’t go to heaven and I won’t go to hell, I will walk in the silent shadows of these two powers, knowing that my actions will create reactions in both the living world and the ever after. You say man this guy is nuts and you would be correct, you may also say how could this one man’s decisions in life alter the balance between good and evil, you might even say there is no fine line between the two, you are either good or evil.

Well think about all the things you have done in your life all the things you knew might get you into trouble, things you may have taken or even if you got high or just for shits and giggles you took an extra pill just to go to sleep, knowing that when you took that pill, smoked that pot or took something from someone else it was wrong. Now does that make you evil for doing those things, no it doesn’t because to most they are trivial not worth mentioning, trust me I am right in this. There is a fine line between the two and people walk it more times than not. Now let’s look at something else, a man kills his wife in a fit of rage, blind passionate rage because of some indiscretion is he evil did he plan to kill his wife or is it an emotional response to the situation in the moment? I can only give examples and not tell you whether he is evil or not, we don’t know the man, or the circumstances involved, but we can and do ask questions like what type of man was he, did he beat his wife was he a bad father, you can ask any number of questions about this man to find out if he is good or evil, but it is in the moment that split second when he did what he did that he made a choice to do violence to kill his wife, he didn’t plan it out, it was not premeditated. Would you agree that if he was a good husband, father and was a good man up to that point, is he then evil? I would have to say that is a grey area wouldn’t you? Now let’s look at the man who stalks his victims, a man who knows he will do violence in his heart, who sits and watches and waits and then does the act of violence to his intended victim. Is this man evil, that is not a grey area, you can ask the same questions as were asked about the other man and you may even find that the answers are the same. What’s the difference well this last man planned out his attacks, he is calculated, cold and uncaring.

Hell you can shoot holes in this post all you want it isn’t about anyone else but me and my need for others to understand that I am not a bad man nor am I a good man, I do what needs to be done and for most you won’t understand how and why I am the way I am. I am the way I am because of life and my own decisions made in this life, I am the way I am because it has always been this way. I came to full realization on that night when everything I am, was or will ever be was shooting through my mind as fast as the car was hurtling towards the roadside barrier. Was it a prediction, what the hell do I know about that, was it meant for me to see, I think it was, is it right, I don’t know that either, but it was laid out for me and me alone. All that silly shit I wrote above was just me trying to get my thoughts together to actually say what I wanted to say. Can one man change things in the way I described them, I think that one man can change things in that way. Hell look at history, one good example is that one woman would not move to the back of the bus, change. I could take out the entire first part of this but it shows you the thought process and that is all, I have yet to figure this all out for myself, and I may never figure it all out. Do you believe in destiny do you believe that we are all on this earth to make a difference in some way shape or form? It would be nice wouldn’t it, just to believe that one thing you do in your life will make a difference. Man did I get far afield from my point, so far in fact that I don’t remember the point now.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


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