A conversation to me…..

I have looked into my own eyes and I see different things, I still see me but in a different way the changes are subtle, they are of knowing, knowing who I am as a man, knowing how I want to be treated as a man, knowing that I am not the man I once was, insecure, fearful and angry. I am no longer that fellow, yes I am still afraid but not of what was, I have grown to understand that I do not hold the past, present nor future, I have no control over any of those events. I have belief that what will come will come and if not then I am not the one to lose, I will gain from that, I will gain knowledge and understanding of myself, of what more needs to be different of myself. I do not want you to reply to this not because it may not help but for me to tell you of me as I am, I am old, broken, hard and changed, I am not sure if it is for the better or not but this is away for me to talk not only to you but myself. I can only expect people to take me as I am, if they dont then they dont. Hurt is no longer a part of my life anymore not for myself nor for those I love. Take me as I am or leave me entirely it is not being mean or nasty but an understanding that must be met. I ask little from those I care for but to only care for me, I ask only that the respect shown to those I care for be returned, I dont lie to those I care for and fully expect that in return. If thought about most would agree that they only wish to be treated the same way. Once again I do not want a reply just for this to be read and understood.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline


9 Responses to “A conversation to me…..”

  1. Come here searching for you and do worry about you Dan. It would be wonderful to know you are thriving.

  2. Hey Dan…it’s been a long time, and I’m sorry. I don’t have a chance to read much these days. I did just want to let you know – I understand.

  3. Missing you being on Dan…Hope that your OK.

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