Fear of the heart, literally…..

Going back three weeks ago I had been helping a friend for fourteen days in a row, outside doing manual labor, manual labor is good it allows you time to work hard but also allows the mind to wander freely, allows you to just be and just think. Well it was a Thursday morning and we got up got ready but had to empty the truck and trailer, see the day before we did a mulch and bush trimming job, it was a very large job. Well Wednesday night I had a very hard time sleeping my feet, the arches and my lower cakves and the muscles at the knee on my thighs were cramping very badly. Well since I had been in the military my first thought was dehydration, so I set about drinking water, and went and got 64oz. Of Gatorade from the store, well it worked so I finally fell asleep around 3:30am and woke that Thursday at the normal time, well like I was saying we still had mulch on the trailer and bush trimmings in the back of the truck, well my buddy said for me to get the last of the mulch off the trailer and he would go and empty the truck, cool. So I emptied the trailer and was very hot, it was early in the morning and only about 73 degrees outside so this is what I remember. I waljed in the house got a glass of icewater went back outside and sat on the porch waiting for my buddy. The next thing I remember is him helping me to my bed. I woke up about an hour later completely confused, I was still at the house my buddy was gone and I was cramping from my stomach down. I called my doctors office and explained what was happening and was told to go directly to the emergency room, well my buddies girlfriend had taken my car and well it was impossible for me to move let alone drive, so they called an ambulance for me. Ambulance got here they loaded me up but noticed I had stopped sweating, not a good sign, heat stroke had set in. It took them 20 minutes just to find a vein to get fluids going, medic said that if they hadnt gotten there then I would have gone into a full stroke my core body temperature was 105. Ok got to er they did an EKG and set me up on full blast with fluids, I was there for 6 hours and had, had 6 bags of fluids, I was done I wanted to go home. I saw my doctor go by and hollered for him and told him I was ready to go. He told me I had an irregular heart beat and said they were going to keep me over night and give me an EKG in the morning, I said I dont think so scooter, take out the IV I am outta here. Well of course it was an AMA discharge, but he told me to see a cardiologist as soon as I could, ok I told him.
Cardiologist on Monday,  looked at my bp which was high 139/100, I tried to explain that I was panicky but all he did was look at the EKG the ER did and prescribe another bp med that, oh wait he didn’t do his own EKG, important to know and here is the reason why, the ER only did 1 EKG in 6 hours, just one mind you, ok back to cardiologist,  he had four copies of the same EKG from the ER and based his decision on that now this is important they were the same EKG taken at 12:39pm all four copies were the same one, and he prescribed a new med, I am not happy about this but ok. He had them do an ultrasound of my heart, which if you have one is pretty cool to watch, that took about 45 minutes and he looked at it told me I had a bad spot on my heart and said go home he was setting up a stress test asap, he then told me as he walked out the door that my chances of having a heart attack were about 75% at this time. Ok full blown panic attack immediately, this again was on Monday my stress test with dye is on Thursday,  he did not answer any questions he didnt say another word to me.
Thursday, I get to the hospital and get to the place for the test and wait, this whole time I have been on major panic mode. They call me in and run pictures of my heart, I wait somemore and then get to the tread mill part, they tell me my target heart rate is 151 so they start 15 minutes in my heart rate doesnt go over 130, well they are confused stop the tread mill and start it again, still my heart rate doesnt go over 130 so this nurse puts this stuff to stimulate my heart into my IV that shit burns they slow me to a walk and still 130 so she hits me again, nothing it never got over 130, they are confused, sorry dont know what to tell them. They stop the test make me drink a soda so it will constrict my veins and I wait again, they take more pictures of, oh wait as I sat there drinking the soda they take my bp it was 127/72 now they are very confused, ok they take the pictures and I explain to the nurse that I have an anxiety problem and really need to know my results soon or I am going to end up back in tne hospital the mental one this time. That afternoon the cardiologists office calls and tells me that there is nothing wrong with my heart, no blockages, no thickening of the walls and no sign of a bad spot on my heart. I went through 7 days of pure hell because the fucking cardiologist read my damn ultrasound wrong, did they calk me, no. But I am glad that they did the stress test because now I know for sure my heart is fine,  but the pure terror of it all has left me still in panic mode. And the mefication well the main side effect is abnormal heartbeat, it is called Atenolol, it also makes my joints hurt unbearably and it has caused extreme fatigue. I am in the process of trying to get a hold of the cardiologist to be taken off it, before this everytime I have been to my regular doc my bp has run 170/72 consistently, on the same meds I have been taking for years.

With much love and gratitude,
Dan Kline


One Response to “Fear of the heart, literally…..”

  1. Wow you did have a hard week. After that they all look a lot better! I really feel for you for having to type on the ipad. When I would be in the hospital with Valerie that’s all I would have and its no lap top…that’s for dang sure!

    take care and God Bless, sincerely sb

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