It could have been random, but it isn’t…..

It takes a lot to be moved, moved by words, moved by thoughts and emotions. Moving means going in a different direction, bending, stretching, reshaping oneself, you take on a new form and a different approach to things you normally wouldn’t react to, or would react to in the same way before.

Being moved by another is different from moving yourself, another who moves you is dramatic, exciting, it takes less thought to be moved by another than it does to move yourself, there is less thought involved, less motion and emotion it seems to me.

Words evoke images, words evoke emotion, thoughts beget thoughts that beget feelings. Feelings leave a lasting image on our souls to last through eternity, without them, all of them including the bad ones makes us less human, or does it make us more human, I have to wonder. You see I have felt and used words to bring about images of wonder and delight, of sadness and despair and of anger and rage; I used words to move not only myself but others. I have had my words bring about feelings of many things. Images, thoughts, feelings, moving.


One Response to “It could have been random, but it isn’t…..”

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    Excellent tid-bit.

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