angry-lies-life-loss-love-Favim.com-259697_largeMay the entire world understand that while I have been in love for my entire adult life, I have done no wrong? I have said things and done things that are against my nature, the very core of my beliefs, yet I have done them for love.

You sit in judgment of me; you think I have done you wrong. I have not; it is I who has been done wrong. You led me to believe that you loved me that I was important to you. I was wrong, you were never to be mine, you told me you loved me, you lied. I would have given all of me just to be the one whom you come home to. You let that one person control you; you let him ruin your life and mine. I sit here in grief and anxiety wondering why? You could have had all those things that make a romance great, hell makes love great. But for one thing, and I know this thing very well, FEAR. The fear of loss is great, it is not the actual loss that is the worst it is the thought of that fear that will drive you to do things that you normally would not do. I live in a world driven by fear, fear of myself, fear of loss, fear of not living to see another day, fear of what was done to me as a child, fear of what was done to me after that. I live, I breathe fear, you can never understand my own fear and I fully don’t understand yours.

If you love someone that should be power enough to overcome all obstacles, to give you strength, to give you hope. Yet here I sit filled with fear that because I was honest about how I feel for you, I have lost you. It seems so because while I have tried to contact you, you have failed to reply. I did nothing wrong in my declaration of my feelings for you. You did wrong by leading me to believe you would be there for me.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline

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