Do I really see…..

It seems that my mind, so preoccupied all the time doesn’t see or understand what my eyes and heart are telling. It seems I only listen with one ear, never to the words that are said nor the meaning behind them. I hear, I see, but I don’t think, my mind as always is on one thing. But never the same thing twice. This does not make sense, this I understand, but how do I control my thoughts, how do I focus upon the things I see and hear, just one thing at a time, I must listen, look and hear to fully understand. I grow confused at this, I get agitated at this. It seems that the whole world is telling me something but I cannot seem to grasp what it is the universe is telling me. Am I to go forward in ignorance, not comprehending? I don’t know for I cannot get my mind to slow enough to listen as I once was able to. I do not seem to be able to express with words how it is, and what it is like for me. I don’t know what to do, plain and simple.

With much gratitude and love,

Dan Kline


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