But a Fool…..

Am I a fool, I ask again, am I a fool,

I must be for you see I have lain my heart upon the headsman’s block,

I have bared my very deepest hearts desire to you,

Did you listen to me, those words I spoke to you, did you listen to my words of love and joy, I know you listened, but I know also that you did not hear those words,

Did you read the words I wrote, did they find a hold someplace within your heart and soul,

I fear that I am but a fool for telling you these things, a fool for sharing with you all my wants, desires, joys and fears,

Over and over I tell myself but to leave you be, to let you go on your way,

For you must be happy, if not then at least content, If none of these, then what?

I am but a fool you see, for I thought that perhaps you might have wanted me, needed me, loved me in some small way.

I have given my life to thee, my word, my heart and soul. And thus you have spurned me, left me to lay in a misery of mine own making.

Blessed be the one you love, for he does not know what he has.

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