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Movie alert: Boy Wonder

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Ok so I got this movie that I just watched and I have to tell you this is one messed up movie. The movie is called Boy Wonder and I will let you know right from the beginning this is a very powerful movie and deals with domestic violence and violence in and of itself. The movie is about a young boy who at 7 I think witnessed his mother’s death during a carjacking. It goes on from there to some of the things he does, but I will let you watch what this is for yourself, and I in good conscious will not tell you the ending, but will warn you again that this movie is very graphic and violent in nature, I was a child of domestic violence and it triggered me, so please if you watch it be very prepared! Want to know something fucked up it was on my portable hard drive with my other movies and I had given it to Dylan to watch the Lorax by Dr. Seuss and he watched the other movie too, before I did, definitely not a movie for younger people to watch.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline


Boy Wonder

Well tis about time I can get out fer a bit…..

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well it do look like me after a hard day o riding or fightin or maybe drinking

Oy, does anyone know what then little buttons on the side im supposed to click, I am supposed to click them right, what am I asking fer now ya havent even read the damn thing yet, oh well I will push them all. HAR. Knights Templar I were thinking we werent supposed to talk about them? I’m just hopin I did this right, been a while since I wrote one o these damn things, ow am I supposed to remember all this nonsense?

Well I don know rightly if I should write fer Dan or not, he is out on a bit of a holiday fer now, and rightly he deserves it to say the least. Like I been replying all night fer the little bastard he done and went and wore heself out doing all that damn running in the heat over the last week or so, no man should ave to be out in that there heat fer very long, hmm memory response in the old fingers when we type, actually wants to spell werds the way he would but he cant cause I am in charge fer a bit. What a lark him actually typing the way I speak, or am I typing the way I speak, ok that there boggles the mind a bit. Don tell im but I snuck a few o hes snacks from the kitchen, I like them there Nutty Bars, they are good and tasty, that they are. Hey whats say we talk about Dan while he is gone, I’m not talking anything big but something that is maybe funny or embarrassing but wont cause too much anger in the boy, he kinda deserves it fer the other day anyhow, well lets see what we can do about this, he has had the same sorts of things happen to him that others ave, you know like being pants on high school, but he did beat the crap out of the guy, and he did lose es swimming trunks in the public pool one time, and then there was the time when he were at an away game playing hockey and went to moon a passing car and got hes ass cheeks frosted to the window glass o the bus, that were funnier than hell cause he had to force hes cheeks offin the window without any warm water and he lost a few layers o ass skin fer that one, har that were a good one to be sure. But what else has happened to Dan that might be embarrassing to im, I am gonna ave to think bout this a little, well really there aint much cepting fer the few things I already told ye, he did very well at hes bootcamp training and was a damn fine soldier, fought with honor that he did, made me proud to be a part o him, or he a part o me. Oh he did step on his junior prom dates dress and rip it offin her young little body and she was left standing in her panties, but wait that weren’t so embarrassing to im and more ta her, so that won work. Well hells bells I really cant think o nothing so I am gonna end this, it is beginning to be more like werk than I like, now give me a good brawl and a pint o ale or mead, I do luv me some mead and I am a happy little blighter to say the least, they don ave mead in the US though I might find er in a micro brewery had to use a bit o Dan s brain fer that one couldn’t remember what the hell it were called, so then I am off ye fine lads and lasses, ave yerself a good evening and a great morrow. Damn I didna write about a damn thing did I?


This is driving me crazy…..

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Ok so i figure i can find just about anything on the internet i want including movies and such, but i have run into a stumper i am looking for this movie Warcraft: The Rise of The Lich King (2011) and i cannot find a decent torrent on this movie or even a download. Man the books were great so i was wondering how well it translated into a movie. Let me know if any of you have an idea as to where i can find this for free.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

I am no movie critic but……

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Since we last talked I have trolling the different websites I have marked for movies, you know something to help me take my mind off stuff in general, and on torrent day I came across a movie called, Some Guy Who Kills People. Well as I cruise through the information on the film I come to the review section of this torrent, and it tells you about the movie and what it says, you know instead of paraphrasing I will copy pastes the review for you here:

When I first heard about this film, all I knew was that Kevin Corrigan and Karen Black were starring in a film together. That was enough to convince me to check it out. I sure am glad I did. Pitch perfect comedy with a crime suspense flavor.
I was a big fan of Karen Black’s films of the 70s. This along and Maria My Love are returns to form for her. The darkness she has imbued in characters her whole career has gained poignancy as she begins to portray characters in their 70s.
I do not recall Kevin Corrigan previously in a lead role. In my opinion he is one the strongest supporting comedic actors. He has excelled as he is given more opportunity to broaden his range and finally carry a film.

So I have found this guy to be fairly accurate in his reviews of the films he posts and has yet to let me down, until now. This is put in the horror genre but as he says also that this should have been in the horror / comedy genre as this has great moments of humor in it and he goes on to explain about the characters and their roles in pretty good detail and yet gives nothing away about the movie. So it interested me and I downloaded it and started to watch the movie, ok first the movie is not that good and the actors except for the little girl are terrible, and it really shows very little horror in the movie, shows some minor scenes where the main actor is killing others but not much detail in the planning or the execution of the murders, the main part of the movie so far surrounds the little girl and the murderer who was a metal patient and now works at an ice cream parlor and it shows flash backs of the reasons he was sent to the mental hospital. But it truly isn’t a horror film it seems to be about this lunatic and how he is relating to his 11 year old daughter whom he just recently found out about. And really the only funny parts in the movie is the town sheriff who is just a little touched in the head. The movie got a 6.4 out of 10 on IMBD but really it is a waste of time. I know I have time to waste but I mean really can’t I find something a bit better than this to watch, really!