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Hi there everyone, my name is Dan Kline and I have been living with Dissociative Identity Disorder for several years. Along with this diagnosis I have several others that rear their ugly head quite frequently, I have clinical depression and major anxiety, and complex PTSD. I also have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder. I have been living with this probably longer than I would care to admit, and like others I have been through the gambit of misdiagnosis several times from bi-polar to schizophrenia, have been on more medication than I care and have just only really found a cocktail that agrees with me. It has been a long difficult struggle. To which I think we can all agree.

I will tell you some things that are, well they are about me and may sound particularly bitchy. I wont name any of my others, I don’t see the need, they come about to deal with the situations in my life that come up that I am unable to deal with, so I have angry, sad, happy, fearful and then there is me which is a compilation of all of these, if the different aspects of my personality have names I don’t want to know what they are, they can keep it to themselves, I don’t know when I switch and have lost copious amounts of time from my childhood and my early twenties, and yes I am long-winded, maybe that will change as this goes on but in the beginning I hope you will understand that this is how I get it out, right now this is my outlet. I searched the internet found someone who I could relate to even enjoy their writing and information, well that person hasn’t posted in a long time, I can understand that this life as a DID is very difficult, but I will also say this you put yourself out there you developed a following and have given great, informative advice, but you left and that put a void out there for those of us that wanted to learn and to hear about your struggle, do I sound bitter? Well maybe a little bit yours was the most genuine and educational site that I have ever found, you also put things into a langauge that others could relate to, I have searched every site that even mentions your name hoping to come across a recent post or twitter or even a facebook page that you have continued to help those of us out here that are clueless. Damn does it really sound and read the way I have written it? I am not going to change any of the content, but do hope that if ever you read this please remember it is not about you it is about me, and now I am looking at having developed a little co-dependacany issue. Who knew, well hell I didn’t even realize it till I reread the damn thing.  I am done, read this or not, I think I am doing this more for me than to try to help anyone else,  but if in my struggles if only one person can find me and relate to me then there is hope

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  1. I hope you know that I am currently working on a project involving depression/anxiety and all the sort. I have had personal experience with these, and I wish to sort of write a story that may prove informative, therapeutic, or simply a way to open the eyes of people to seeing the true potential of feeling hopeless and held down by the mind. I would love for you to check it out, perhaps my posting “To My Fighers” that is located under the menu bar “Project Wonderland”. I wish you the best.


    Honey your words are so sweet. Together we will figure it all out. It is inside you. I have seen it. We will find it again somehow someway. You have to find ur place where you are comfortable again to be able to do it again. Alot has come to light n your brain is on overload right now. Alot of changes in your brain and memories coming to the front. Its alot to take and also to try to keep under some type of control. Im tired honey and i have had to learn to let it go and give it to lord and lady. Its not easy but we will get you there i loveyoy…)0(

  3. Hello. I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. It’s always nice to tell people you appreciate them.


  4. Sorr you made a friend and they left without warning. It hurts I know. I hope you will reach out and keep reaching out. If you dont mind, can you email me the site link? I’d like to view it too?

    My email is on the comment

    Carol anne

    • well your email didnt come across in the comment and i am disinclined to let anyone know about my codependant blog site, lol. It would do me more harm than them if they really knew. But I have listed several sites on my blog that are very good and have wonderful information on them, please feel free to browse them they are some really enciteful people, and I cannot spell tonight worth a damn.
      With much gratitude and devotion,
      Dan Kline

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