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Something original from these guys

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I am liking these guys a lot.

I am having some side effects to Seroquel XR

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I have been feeling slightly more agitated in the last few days, and yes more than normal but different from being angry, I am just irritable, hostile and generally aggressive. I went looking for the side effects for Seroquel and I found that these were very common side effects:

Call your doctor at once if you have any new or worsening symptoms such as: mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

I have created drama where none was needed with my son, don’t know why and I even posted it or rather bragged about it here, that isn’t like me. He has done nothing wrong to me, and of course he is pissed at me for blasting his best friend. And I havent had too much trouble sleeping but I have had, well I will call them temper tantrums, like today Gerri asked me to go get her scripts and I basically through a fit the whole way to the car, why do i always have to be the one to run every where, well to say the least I made an ass out of myself in front of the neighbors, they were looking at me as if I had 2 heads. So know my question is this it is the weekend and my doctor wont be available till Monday do I stop the pills or take them until I speak to my doctor. And then how do I go about explaining to my son why I was being such a fucking asshole towards his friend?

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

yet one more for you this is the last

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Need to dig a little deeper and check out their original stuff will get back to you on that.\

Dan Kline

Another video, yes I know

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I am really into this right this second so listen and enjoy great covers, need to go a little deeper and see about their original stuff.

We Are Young – Fun – Official Acoustic Music Video – Savannah

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Check this out people

Cool U2 remake acoustic version

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Pissing off your son and other fun things to do with your time

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The best way to get the measure of your son, to see what kind of a man he turned out to be. This was an extreme case of me being a dick, just to get a response from my son. I will paste here the first post that I put in face book and I will let you make up your mind as to whether I was wrong or not.

“ i am now a card carrying member of americas crazy people, i have to carry a card in my back pocket and keep it on me at all times so the police know what to do with me in any given situation, and here is my first one. I have a question for Stephen Rogue Kreateahater what is the deal man, I can understand you are a 37 year old fat bastard, and I sat that with all the love and affection that I can, you are a bouncer, now that is cool, do you own your own company or do you work for someone else, you spend so much time posting pics of girls asses that I wonder if you a closet homo, and if you aint then you are just fucked up in the melon, and what about my son, if you have made him or involved him in anything that I would not approve of well just ask Daniel Kline what I will do, and do kentucky redneck style, i will take your ass out back in the holler and you dont want to go there with me alone, second off what are you some kinda mack daddy wanna be pimp that never grew the fuck up? really i think that if you are going to be friends with my son you should answer these questions with all honesty, i dare you, and if you want get hatefull then do so it only makes you look like more of an ass, and makes me laugh at you all the harder, oh and dont involve my son he is your friend and you wont find a better one now you need to convince me that you are worthy of his friendship, you gotta a brain use it son and explain yourself and your pathetic actions.”

Well there it is in all its fucked up glory, but you see my son has been telling me things like he is working as a journeyman millwright, and doing the bouncing thing on the weekend, my thought is that a journey man makes pretty good money why do you need to do the bouncing anymore unless you like it or it is really the only job you have, you see he never told what company he worked for or where it was at so I took him at his word, but see his friend is a 2 time felon and a bouncer and well puts all kinds of partially nude pictures of women on face book and has been banned from face book several times. And well it really is no business of mine who his friends are, I will also state that he is dating a 39 year old woman who has 2 kids and one that is practicllly hid age, once again I have no right to say who he can and cant date, but really people since he left Kentucky he has changed a whole lot has very large gauges in his ears has tattoos all up and down his arms, which I am not against tats by no means I have many myself, but it seems his whole attitude has changed, when I talk to him he is evasive and doesn’t want to tell me what is going on in his life, and that worries me, just what the fuck is he doing down there? Well my paln went off without a hitch I got several responses from different people saying I shouldn’t be hating on Stephen that he was a good guy, sorry people this aint about Stephen it is about Daniel and an integeraty check, now I will post some of the things that my son said am quit frankly I am proud of his responses, here is one in direct response to my post.

Daniel Kline Ya know dad this is fucked up idc if you do or don’t like Steve. But to call him out like this is bull shit and Steve has proven his friend ship to me me and Steve are like you and all your friends used to be And in the holler my money is on Steve and also he hasn’t involved me in anything I wouldn’t do myself . He may be fat but he’s not a bastard .so what if he post pics of ass on fb you look at the ur friends with him on fucking Facebook if you don’t like it find the god damn del button I no you can do it and if you ever call any of my friends out saying anything like this again it’s gonna be me an you in the holler think I’m playing no I’m not so take some more pills an go your fucked up ass back to your end of the woods be for I get really pissed old man”

And this is one he put on the post I had put out there on Gerri going to the hospital.

Daniel Kline Yea no you really don’t want to bring your ass down here I just got pissed the fuck off bud and if you don’t like my friends well so what I can say now they don’t like you you don’t know them so give it up cuz u or to get passed me first an your gonna have to kill me to get them ass hole so come on down I will show you how this good ok boy handles shit come on I fucking dare you your not that big an bad dad really maybe back in your day you was now your just a broke down old man and a bitch”

I knew at this time that I had done something right by this young man, I did teach him tom stand up for what he believes in, like his choice of friends, ya his language is very crude but you have to know I pissed him off bad, and I did it on purpose, so he is actually right in this matter, but I don’t let him off the hook and here is a reply to that. No wait that is all he had to say on the subject, but I did tell him after that last post that I wasn’t the broke down old man he thought I was I’m not as good as I once was but I am better than I used to be. Well after letting him stew in his juices all night I finally had to let him off the hook and explain what I was doing, and ya he is probably still pissed at me but now he really has a reason to be, this is what I wrote.

“Ok yesterday I was feeling my oats and put a challenge out there to my oldest son Daniel Kline and the best way to do that was to attack his best friend, and I did, and Daniel Kline stepped up to the plate not only did he defend his best friend he told me he would whoop my ass if i didnt like the people he hung out with, i am proud of him you should never let anyone tell you who you can and cant be friends with. It is the measure of a man when he defends what he believes in and i am sure he dont understand this right now he is a little pissed at his father and that is ok, the one thing i did find him lacking in was defending his step mother, but that probably wasnt the first thing on his mind, getting pissed at me was the first and only thing on his mind, yes i agree with you what i did was shitty but i had to know where he stood in his life and what he stood for, and not only did i get it from him i got it from his girlfriend and my wife, steve you dont count you were the mark, and i am not sorry to you about the things i said about you, they are true. i put the challenge out there and it was a pass fail situation see if he agreed with me then his friends would be pissed at him and if he agreed with them then he was in the right and i am in the wrong, which is the case, i dont have to like the friends that Daniel Kline picks, and it really dont matter as long as he is true to his friends, i had the same thing happen to me and it really makes me proud of Daniel that he stood strong against someone talking shit about someone he has been friends with for so long, i am glad he has found a friend he feels worthy of defending from his father, if you dont understand what i did then think of it this way who is the one and only person you would defend with your life, every one has that certain friend they will defend. stand up and stand beside them and be proud to call them friend. i know he is pissed at me and that is fine but he did all right for his friend. and even threatened to kick my ass if i didnt like it, way to go son.”

So like I said it was an asshole kind of move but as you can see my boy made me proud of him even though he is still going to be pissed at me, in the end he stood up for what he believed in, I still don’t know if he is really working as a millwright or just a plain old bouncer but either way it is his life and he is the one living it and I don’t have to like the way he is living it but I damn sure will put my 2 cents in when I think something is awry.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline