I want everyone to know that not all of the things that I write actually come from me, surviving with DID means that I have other aspects or rather other parts of my mind that are separate and have their own identities, beliefs and ways of saying and doing things. With that said sometimes those other aspects will write on my blog, I have no control over them and they want to be heard, and sometimes what they write is strange, weird, uninformed, angry, confused and scary. This is a reflection of the whole of me and while I still have to take responsibility for what they say and do, please realize that it is not always me doing the writing. while this is supposed to be a safe place for me to put my thoughts out there, they may not appeal to other people, and to that I say if you don’t like what I am saying then you don’t have to read what I am writing, I am not saying this to make you angry or upset but I have to remember this is my outlet not a place for me to win friends and influence enemies.

With much gratitude and devotion,

Dan Kline

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