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It could have been random, but it isn’t…..

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It takes a lot to be moved, moved by words, moved by thoughts and emotions. Moving means going in a different direction, bending, stretching, reshaping oneself, you take on a new form and a different approach to things you normally wouldn’t react to, or would react to in the same way before.

Being moved by another is different from moving yourself, another who moves you is dramatic, exciting, it takes less thought to be moved by another than it does to move yourself, there is less thought involved, less motion and emotion it seems to me.

Words evoke images, words evoke emotion, thoughts beget thoughts that beget feelings. Feelings leave a lasting image on our souls to last through eternity, without them, all of them including the bad ones makes us less human, or does it make us more human, I have to wonder. You see I have felt and used words to bring about images of wonder and delight, of sadness and despair and of anger and rage; I used words to move not only myself but others. I have had my words bring about feelings of many things. Images, thoughts, feelings, moving.

A thought…..

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No_Fear_5_-_black__66275.1308767856.1280.1280Fear is only a product of our imagination, we do not fear what is happening but we fear what may happen.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Dan Kline


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imagesI grow weary of things left unsaid, of thoughts not finished, of words that need spoken. I grow weary of wandering thoughts and feelings of unsatisfactory conclusions. I see in all things not only the truth but of half lies only told to be heard. I feel in all things no hope but only of promises half remembered. Often said things of grace and love pass through unheard, unfelt and never learned. To have, to hold, to yearn, to love but never to be done. The world itself shatters with the barest whispers heard, words unspoken collapse upon each other with no meaning. Is there no hope left, is there no tomorrow’s, there is only now, only today, there is no future.

Never ending…..

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broken-heart-by-lucaszoltowskiI love you, not just parts of you but all of you. I need you like the ground needs rain. I don’t want pieces of time I want all of the time. I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake with you snuggled in my embrace. I want to wake in the middle of the night to hear you breathe. I want to kiss your lips, inhale the heady scent of you, to run my fingers across the outlines of your face, to trace small circles upon your back as we lay together in companionable silence just looking into each other’s eyes. i want to see the crinkle in your nose as you smile.

You take away my fears, my pain all of the things that scare me and replace them with hope, love and joy. I can only tell you these things that are the truth and hope that someday you will realize that I can never stop loving you. I have let you once again slip through my fingers, indecision begets regrets. Can you not feel me? Can you not hear the loss in my words? Can you not be with me? Always and forever you are my one and only, never to be mine completely. Something, someone always stands between us and it is slowly killing me. You spoke the words I have waited to hear for oh so very long, yet you still cannot be with me.

I don’t regret my love for you, I don’t regret any of the things I have said and done. There are things that even I cannot compete with. Remember I am but a man, scared, hurt, lonely and lost. With your touch, the very look from your beautiful eyes takes all that away. You mean so much to me; you have taken all those things away and made me a stronger man than I was. I would do the same if only you would let me, I would be your strength, and I would be your courage. But for one chance would I make you happy, but for reasons I cannot seem to understand you still will not be mine.

With much love and gratitude,

Dan Kline